Black Bear Inn Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some of the most common questions we are asked about the Black Bear Inn, in Gardiner, Montana. If you have questions about some of our other properties, please call or email us.

“How far are you from Yellowstone National Park?”

Across the street… Yep, that’s right. The gatehouse where you pay your entrance fee is about a 1/2 mile away. The visitor center in Mammoth Hot Springs is about 6 miles away and the visitor center in Old Faithful is about 57 miles away.

“Do I need to bring my own bedding or towels?”

Our rooms all have ample bedding and towels provided based on the maximum number of guests the room should accommodate.

“Do you allow pets?”

We do NOT allow pets in any of our properties.

“Does this room have a Kitchen?”

None of the rooms at the Black Bear Inn contain any kitchen equipment. We do not currently offer coffee makers, microwaves, or any other culinary amenity. However, there are numerous dining options within very short walking distance, including a very nice restaurant next door.
Brand new this year, we are adding mini refrigerators to six rooms! Guests of Bison, Black Bear Cottage, Mountain Goat, Grizzly, Elk and Moose will all have access to mini refrigerators.

“Where do I check-in and/or check-out?”

We do not maintain a “front office” at this property and we utilize electronic door locks (with access codes instead of keys), so there is no check-in process. For check-out, simply vacate the room, leaving it as clean as you found it. Our representative will inspect the rooms after your check out time to ensure it was left in a reasonable manner

“If something goes wrong, or breaks what do I do?”

If there is an actual emergency or threat to someones health or safety, please call 911 immediately, then contact us to notify us. During business hours (9am-5pm Mountain Time, Monday through Friday) call our main office (Maverick Realty) at 406-222-0304. After normal business hours please send a text message to 406-220-0304 or Email us at